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30 Days Wild

After my recent trips away, further time off from the day job is now limited. Faced with a long summer slogging away in a dimly lit office is not something that fills anyone with relish and I for one, feel like a battery hen some days, desperate for a bit of barefoot freedom. Thank heavens then, that I came across the British Wildlife Trust's 30 Days Wild initiative.

Standing at the station, waiting for the early morning train back to 'the smoke' I was struggling to see how I could fit in some wildlife whilst desk bound in the middle of a large city. The station is in a state of upheaval, with significant roadworks disrupting access for humans let alone any animal life. I stood ruminating on the fact that a huge row of trees had been torn down for the new road and no longer would I watch squirrels jumping from branch to branch. Feeling rather sad, my mind wandered and started to consider what had happened to the myriad of other animal communities that may have lived in and…

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