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'Beast from the East', a week of snow in a rural village

Snowmageddon, snowpocalypse, snowzilla...if you live in the UK, the snow has been the only news for the past week. Just as Spring dusted off her dress, ready to step out and wake up the garden, the 'beast from the east', an extremely cold spell of weather from Siberia roared in like some fairytale monster and covered everything in a blanket of ice.

Roads soon became impassable, schools closed and 'snow days' were called in at work. With roads blocked, deliveries to the village shops became impossible, even the local Post Office closed. Early excitement of the unusual weather soon turned to cabin fever and finally semi hibernation. With a wind chill factor of lower than -10 even the usual snowmen failed to make an appearance, it was just too cold to be outside.

So, what to eat when snowed in and not prepared? The local shop is limited in its variety on a normal day let alone a week without deliveries and my own larder was a little down to the end of the month pre-payday…

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